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2020-2021 Latest #DIY Beauty Tips for girls in India ( Kanpur)

2020-2021 Latest #DIY Beauty Tips for girls label ashish kumar

DIY Beauty tips for face: Girls don't know how much money they spend to save the skin, but pollution and dust drain them all. In this case, some home remedies can be used to remove skin problems.

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Useful beauty tips: Fruits have anti oxidants, which not only hydrate the skin, but also lighten the spots. For the fruit pack, add half of the mashed banana, one piece of mashed papaya and half a teaspoon of honey to the face and apply it on the face every morning and night before sleeping. Wash with water after 20 minutes. Stains are removed by applying continuously throughout the month. The face also glows.

DIY Beauty tips for Hair: Use of home and natural methods is better to make hair healthy and beautiful. It does not have any side effects on the hair and also enhances their beauty.

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Useful beauty tips: Home made shampoos. Being low in chemicals and domestic, they cause less damage to the hair. For this, soak reetha, amla, shikakai in water and leave it overnight. Boil it and cool it in the morning. Later you can use its vegetative matter as a shampoo.

DIY Beauty tips for Eyes : Eyes play an important role in improving the personality of any person. Although one's eyes are small and one's eyes are large, but problems in the eyes can happen to anyone. Harmful beauty products found in the Market, which cause great harm to our eyes. Know natural beauty tips for eyes that will make your eyes beautiful and attractive

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Useful beauty tips: Put two drops of Rose water daily The natural properties of rose water deeply cleanse the eyes and make them beautiful. Add one or two drops of pure rose water to the eyes everyday. This will make your eyes glow.

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