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2020 - 2021 Fashion Trends : Spring / Summer Fashion trends 2020- 2021

2020 - 2021 Fashion Trends : Spring / Summer Fashion trends 2020- 2021 label ashish kumar

Fashion trends: Spring / Summer 2020, Fall / Winter 2020 - 21, Spring / Summer - With the coming spring-summer season, every woman starts actively searching for images with new collections, browsing various fashion sites, reading fashion magazines. There is a lot of information on 2021 fashion trends and they find it difficult to make the correct decision about a certain dress or image. We are here to help you and tell you everything you need to know about the latest Spring / Summer 2020 - 2021 trends.

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What are the fashion seasons?

2020 - 2021 Fashion Trends : Spring / Summer Fashion trends 2020- 2021 a label ashish kumar

Basically, Fashion season can be divided into four-season.
1 - Spring / Summer 
2 - Fall / Winter
3 - Pre - Fall
4 - Resort 

How do fashion trends start?

Fashion trends start with acceptance of any style, clothing or accessories by a large number of people in any city or country.
Here is the list of the key factors which influence fashion trends.
  • Movies 
  • Celebrities
  • Social events
  • Street fashion
  • Fashion shows
  • Fashion influencers & bloggers

2020 - 2021 Fashion Trends : Spring / Summer Fashion trends 2020- 2021 b label ashish kumar
Image courtesy: Wikimedia 

What fashion trends are coming back?

Women's dresses, such as skirts, Wrap around dresses are back in fashion. Women are tired of jeans. Skirts and dresses over the trousers are a way to combine them both to feel comfortable and look elegant. Knitted skirts are a must in 2020. Pastel colors like baby pink, blue, purple, cream, camel are easy to match for a casual or elegant look. Sustainable fashion With more and more news and data on climate change and ocean conditions, more and more brands and consumers are trying to reduce their carbon footprint in one way or another.

2020 - 2021 Fashion Trends : Spring / Summer Fashion trends 2020- 2021 c label ashish kumar
Image courtesy: Wikimedia

Fashion trend forecast spring summer 2020 - 2021

Now ordinary forms acquire new content. Thus, the little black dress becomes white, the blazer separates from the pantsuit and becomes a very autonomous dress, just like a simple men's clothing. In spring-summer 2021, optical effects, boho impressions, three-dimensional sleeves and, above all, colors are the main focus! Don't forget the legendary nightdresses and playful sequins. What else? Let's see together which clothes are fashionable in the spring-summer 2021 season!

Many have been said about the "Boho" style, but we will select the most important aspects. Boho, first and foremost, is a bohemian style, although his recipe contains hippy, folk and even little grunge elements. What did spring-summer 2021 fashion clothes take? Prints. Floral, geometric and oriental motifs. Decorative details. Fringes, feathers, natural materials (wood and ceramic accessories). Drawings. Freedom of movement, opting for an oversized style. The construction elements are bulky, especially when it comes to the "bishop" sleeves (which extend to the wrist and the cuff), the kimono (wide sleeves that recall a part of the traditional Japanese dress) and puff sleeves (rounded voluminous sleeves ).

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Let the spring-summer mood go in your wardrobe! In addition, the coloring of this year’s dresses decreases – all the shades of green, fuchsia, aquamarine and electric, yellow shades and the most popular color of the season – red. Choosing contrast combinations or accessories in the same shade – the mono look is still very popular!

The spring-summer 2020 -2021 fashion trends are simple and many of them remind us of previous seasons. However, fashion returns, follow these main trends and go shopping as fast as possible!

What is the new color for 2020 - 2021

For the upcoming season, The new color is " Bleached coral " For color code and full detail you can check the Pantone color pallets. 

How do you keep up with fashion trends?

Well. As we all know, nowadays keep up with fashion trends is not very difficult, because of social media, on social media you can find everything, fashion pages, fashion blogs and articles, fashion videos, etc. There are many other ways also like, Fashion magazines, Fashion exhibitions and tradeshows, fashion shows, and window shopping. 
So keep yourself updated with the latest fashion trends and news
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