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2020 -2021 How to make a fashion mood board, mood board examples

2020 -2021 How to make a fashion mood board, mood board examples, labelashishkumar

2020 -2021 How to make a fashion mood board, mood board examples

2020 -2021 How to make a fashion mood board, mood board examples - hello, how to make a fashion mood board for design collection, The best way to show you that is to go through complete fashion mood board examples .
Do you agree that creating and sharing the right mood is basically essential for any creative project? and have you ever had so many different ideas floating around struggling with focusing, committing to the design process and present your ideas with a maximum of self-confidence.?

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2020 -2021 How to make a fashion mood board, mood board examples, 1 labelashishkumar

If you can relate to any of these questions then this article might be really helpful. So I'm going to tell how to efficiently structure a fashion mood board. I know the creating part is which is the middle part is the most fun thing to do but there is an important first step to be taken which is an analysis. I walk you through and a final chapter once you have finished your Fashion mood board and of course I explain you in between all the different techniques for putting together your Fashion mood board.

As a fashion designer boarding is an essential part of my working for my blog eclectic trends as well you see I've been searching for information such as tutorial or books or any courses but there's not much on the market

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I believe that storytelling in itself has become pretty much a trend and at the end that's what mood boarding is about - we're talking about a story and the story has triggers which in our case are the different keywords and we will split them into rational and emotional and I show you how so I've been using this technique for quite some time now and for personal and professional projects.

If you believe you have to be a designer to take advantage out of the course let me tell you this technique is basic about getting clarity and helping you focus down so if you follow some easy to apply guidelines and I explain you how you will create a very well-structured and powerful mood part because a Fashion mood board is not a collage where pretty things have been put randomly together.

Finding inspiration for Fashion design projects is one thing. arranging it and turning that inspiration into a more cohesive base for creating a design that wows clients and users is an entirely different beast.

What is a fashion mood board?

A Fashion mood board is a type of collage consisting of images, text, doodles, and samples of objects in a composition. Fashion mood board can be based upon a set topic or can be any material chosen at random. A Fashion mood board can be used to convey a general design idea or feel about a particular topic which givesdirections to a design collection. They can be physical or digital, and can be effective presentation tools.

2020 -2021 How to make a fashion mood board, mood board examples, 2 labelashishkumar

In another words we can say Fashion Mood boards are digital or physical presentation in collage form that arrange images, materials, keywords, write-up and other design elements into a format that’s representative of the final style or look of design . Fashion Mood boards can be used for creating clothing line, accessories range, brand designs, product designs, and pretty much any other type of design project.

How do you create a mood board?

The first step in the creation process is idea generation. First you need to think about the concept that interests/inspires you and then make a mind map around the words describing that concept. It can be done with pen and paper or on your laptop using paint, Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

Use pintrest for searching images, Pinterest is a great image tool for all creators, especially fashion designers and illustrators. It's free to use and there are plenty of images to search and look trough anywhere and anytime.

All we need to do is create a new board and name it by your concept idea. Type in your keywords from the mind map (wild flowers,spikes, thorns, blossom,buds...), browse through images and pin the ones you like onto your board.

These steps also should be included in fashion mood board.
  1. Color story
  2. Fashion illustrations for outfit or product  looks
  3. Fabrics for ideation 
  4. Trims
Fashion mood board is different, and what a designer chooses to include will different based on the project. The most important thing is to add as many elements as needed to convey the look and feel of the design being created.

These are some ideas for things to include in a Fashion mood board:

Images: Images can include photography, product images, photos found on pintrest or other photo sharing sites, illustrations, and even things like logos. Images should depict any idea, emotion or message.

Colors: Incorporating the design’s color palette is an important part of most mood boards and can be included as swatches or incorporated into images and other design elements.

Keywords : Keywords that tie into the brand or message that should be conveyed can be an important part of any fashion mood board.

Fonts: Designers should add specific fonts (or at least general font styles) into their fashion mood boards for any design where the text will be prominent.

Textures: Any type of textures or patterns a design will incorporate should be included in the fashion mood board.

Explanations: As needed, explanations for elements included in the fashion mood board can add context and make it easier to see how all of the different parts will work together toward the end design or design collection .

2020 -2021 How to make a fashion mood board, mood board examples, 3 labelashishkumar

Why is a mood board useful?

Mood board is useful for design direction and execution. Fashion Mood board can serve many purposes, starting with organizing the inspiration around a project. They can be a useful resource throughout the design project, to help keep the style and aesthetic consistent and on track with a client’s goals and expectations.

Fashion Mood boards are also an excellent way to refine a design or design collection style before diving into the actual design process. Fashion mood board are a much lower investment than sample and prototypes in terms of resources and time and can convey a lot about the look and feel of the final design.

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