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What's the latest fashion in India? 2020 - 2021 Latest Fashion trends for girls

Latest fashion in India? 2020 - 2021 Latest Fashion trends for girls
Latest fashion in India? 2020 - 2021 Latest Fashion trends for girls Everyone wants them to look fashionable and stylish but often girls are confused about fashion. Due to the wrong understanding of fashion, many times you also choose clothes that are neither comfortable nor suit you.

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Take care of color combination Despite choosing the right clothes, we are often unable to choose the right color. The choice of colors according to the season will not only relieve you but also others. For example, in summer keep bright yellow, red and pink colors from this variety. Choose your clothes in light colors like white, lemon, mauve, light pink, peach, carrot, and sky.

Latest fashion in India? 2020 - 2021 Latest Fashion trends for girls 1

( Latest fashion in India) Understand colors language While 2019 was the name of light shades, 2020 - 2021 will have experimented with colors. This time along with light shades, dark shades will also be in trend.

While graphics prints were dominated from fashion shows to common houses last year, this print will remain a hit this year as well. In outfits this year, the awesome of faded watercolor graphics will also be worth seeing. If you are a fashionista and are planning to go shopping, then take special care of these prints and patterns while selecting your outfits. To become a trendsetter, one needs to understand and follow the trends of the future.

 So here are some cool outfit ideas and tips

These outfits are the best for every figure (latest fashion in India)
Often girls are very conscious about their figure. Keep in mind that your size/figure does not determine your personality from anywhere. If you are plus size, then do not worry, start focusing on the upper wears with V-neckline.
Instead of keeping your lower garments or dresses too short, keep it till or below the knees. If you are slim and want your body to fit, then you can try clothes of the choker or higher necklines. Dresses and body-hugging gowns will look better on girls in short height. Whatever you wear, carry it with full confidence.

Indian, Western, Indo-Western Talking about Indian wear, Sharara Suits, which have been in trend since 2019, will continue to hold their place in 2020 - 2021 as well. Along with sharara, make dhoti pants also a part of your wardrobe. If the mood of the party-shorty is building and you want to try some western wear, then you can have full confidence in glitter dresses, embroidered blouse, body-hugging dresses, crop tops, and bell-bottoms.

Layered fashion (latest fashion in India) In such a style statement, you can wear as many clothes as you like, but remember what color or what kind of clothes you are wearing. In layered fashion, you can wear leather boots with black colored bottoms and rainbow sweatshirts. If you like wearing a scarf or muffler, then you can pair yourself with a favorite muffler by pairing a deep neck sweater with boyfriend jeans. Make a messy bun as a hairstyle with such outfits.

Crop Top With Draped Skirt - White color fits well and is very common in fashion nowadays. If you are crazy about a crop top or are thinking of wearing it, then take a white crop top and wear it with a draped skirt. This look has become a fashion statement for many girls. To make this look more fashionable, you must wear high heels with it. With this, you apply bold color lipstick, which will make your entire outfit classic.

Over Size Shirt with Pencil Skirt - If you are a professional and pay a lot of attention to the office look, then this option of outfits is perfect for you. Pencil skirts have been in fashion for long, and now the trend of oversized check shirts with them is also hit and hot. To make this look the best, tie your hair in loose ponytails. Carry lace peep-toe boots as footwear for a bossy look.

Asymmetrical Neck T - Asymmetrical neck - Asymmetrical neck T-shirt can prove to be a slightly different dress option for your office wear. At the same time, it is also one of the perfect options for party and date night. You can carry any look with this tea. You can also wear them with a mini skirt or denim jeans. If you are going to wear it with denim jeans then keep the makeup to a minimum.

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2020-2021 Motivation Positive Lifestyle Tips and Benefits

2020-2021 Motivation Positive Lifestyle Tips and Benefits label ashish kumar

2020-2021 Motivation Positive Lifestyle Tips and Benefits How we live our lives determines to a great extent how healthy and wealthy we will be in life and lifestyle. Lifestyle is the way to live life. Our lifestyle includes everything from eating, sleeping, waking, entertaining, exercising to dress, which determines both the direction and condition of our life. Having a positive lifestyle is very important to deal with problems, recover, avoid stress and develop quality in life.

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But in the rapidly changing environment, there has been a lot of change in the  lifestyle of people, due to which problems like cancer, depression, heart disease, depression, stress, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, eye problems, headache can be seen much more.

Today, we are completely dependent on medicines to deal with all these problems, due to which the problems disappear only for some time but are not completely eradicated. Because actually the problem is in our way of living. Therefore, it is very important to have a positive lifestyle for a healthy and positive life.

Helps in dealing with stress, anxiety and depression - Many researches have found that poor lifestyle is the main cause of stress and depression. Positive lifestyle is very important to fight anxiety and stress. This strengthens psychological power and enhances mental health.  


For improving physical fitness - healthy habits are created by a healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle includes diet, exercise, yoga, time manegement, good sleep. By adopting these habits, fitness and health can be improved.

For positive attitude - The person who adopts positive lifestyle always has positive attitude towards things which is most important for success in any field.

Prevention from diseases - A healthy lifestyle increases the immunity power in humans, which protects them from diseases.  

Increase self confidence - A good lifestyle keeps a person socially, mentally and physically fit, which makes a person self-dependent and increases self confidence.

2020-2021 Motivation Positive Lifestyle Tips and Benefits 1 label ashish kumar

 How to live a positive Lifestyle ?

Proper rest and sleep - If the internet and TV is there, then it is necessary to stay awake for a long time. But this little fun can leave a bad impact on our health, memory and eyes. After a full day's run, a good sleep restores energy again. Sleeping less or sleeping late increases sadness, irritability, tension and blood pressure. Therefore, to maintain your lifestyle, make a habit of sleeping and waking up on time.

Healthy habits - Healthy habits include things like not leaving work today, time management, being happy, which reduces anxiety and increases satisfaction. Also, personal hygiene like cleaning of eyes, teeth, nails is also included in this.

Exercise, yoga and meditation - Yoga and meditation are very important to keep the body active, lungs strong, mind calm, positive and remove laziness. Also, yoga and exercise are beneficial for reducing obesity and blood pressure.

Socialization - Socialization means living together in society is also necessary for a positive lifestyle. This becomes even more important for today's youth, where today socialization has been reduced to Facebook and whats aap for us. By staying together and keeping our point in the society, the information increases, as well as confidence increases and tension and fear decreases.

Say no to alcohol and smoke - There is no need to tell what is the harm from alcohol, clumps, and smoking. Do you know that every year 2,50,000 people lose their lives because of them. And most of those who are left have a bad influence on the respiratory system, mind and memory of these people. So if you are also addictive then try to quit it.

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2020-2021 Latest #DIY Beauty Tips for girls in India ( Kanpur)

2020-2021 Latest #DIY Beauty Tips for girls label ashish kumar

DIY Beauty tips for face: Girls don't know how much money they spend to save the skin, but pollution and dust drain them all. In this case, some home remedies can be used to remove skin problems.

2020-2021 Latest #DIY Beauty Tips for girls 1 label ashish kumar image

Useful beauty tips: Fruits have anti oxidants, which not only hydrate the skin, but also lighten the spots. For the fruit pack, add half of the mashed banana, one piece of mashed papaya and half a teaspoon of honey to the face and apply it on the face every morning and night before sleeping. Wash with water after 20 minutes. Stains are removed by applying continuously throughout the month. The face also glows.

DIY Beauty tips for Hair: Use of home and natural methods is better to make hair healthy and beautiful. It does not have any side effects on the hair and also enhances their beauty.

2020-2021 Latest #DIY Beauty Tips for girls 2

Useful beauty tips: Home made shampoos. Being low in chemicals and domestic, they cause less damage to the hair. For this, soak reetha, amla, shikakai in water and leave it overnight. Boil it and cool it in the morning. Later you can use its vegetative matter as a shampoo.

DIY Beauty tips for Eyes : Eyes play an important role in improving the personality of any person. Although one's eyes are small and one's eyes are large, but problems in the eyes can happen to anyone. Harmful beauty products found in the Market, which cause great harm to our eyes. Know natural beauty tips for eyes that will make your eyes beautiful and attractive

2020-2021 Latest #DIY Beauty Tips for girls 3

Useful beauty tips: Put two drops of Rose water daily The natural properties of rose water deeply cleanse the eyes and make them beautiful. Add one or two drops of pure rose water to the eyes everyday. This will make your eyes glow.

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Drawing for kids, video 2019, easy drawing for kids

Drawing for kids, video 2019, Label ashish kumar india

  • Drawing for kids 2019
  • Kids drawing, 
  • Easy drawing for kids, 
  • Baccho ko drawing kaise sikhaye, 
  • drawing for kids,

Drawing for kids, video 2019,Teaching your child how to incorporate art into your life can be your first step. Drawing for kids Studies show that children who invest in creating artwork have all-round brain development. This not only gives children an outlet to express themselves, but it also helps them develop hand-eye coordination and teaches them important concepts such as color wheel, ratio, perspective, balance, and а lot.

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Make sure you do not demand to attract your child when he is not in the mood for it. Instead, make it part of your routine and try to make it organic and fun. Here is a guide you can use when teaching your child how to draw to ensure that he develops the skill of drawing without being demoted or pressured.

They have to draw and give them tools to explore art and drawing. Young children have an eagerness and try to express themselves in unique ways, which can be easily misunderstood. The trick is to keep them engaged with the activity for a long time to have a positive impact. You should deal with it based on your child's age.

Benefits of drawing for children

Drawing helps to improve concentration. As your child goes into the drawing grooves, he will drown in practice. If he enjoys his time, it will be easy to learn to concentrate for a long time.

Drawing helps to increase confidence. As soon as your child develops his skills in drawing, he can set small goals for himself. Achieving these goals will boost your child's confidence.

Watch this video

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How to Eye makeup, Eye shadow, step by step easy Tutorial 2020

How to Eye makeup, Eye shadow, step by step easy Tutorial label ashish kumar

Eye shadow is eye makeup to give a modern look to the eyes and to enhance the beauty of the face. This is considered difficult makeup. But by practice it can be very easy.  Eye shadow you can learn to apply yourself. For that you should have complete information related to it. Learn all about eye shadow.

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Two shed duos, three shed trios, four shed quads and five shed quintets. The quintets also have eye liner in addition to the quads. If you are learning to apply eye shadow for the first time, then you should start with two shades. After practice, three sheds should come to four.

How to apply eye shadow:

-The lightest shade should be applied on high lighters or brow bones. The eyelid should be slightly darker than the lighter on the lid.

 - The darkest shade should be replaced with Outer V. A shade between lid and outer V should be placed at the crease. 

- If you are taking two shades shadows, then one shade should be lighter than your skin and one shade darker than your skin. Whether it is metallic or shimmery or sparking. It is very easy to install two shades, eyes should be defined by putting both shades.

- Eye shadow should be applied with flat brush on eye lid. Dome brush should be used to apply eye shadow give a modern look to the eyes and to enhance the beauty of the face. This is considered difficult makeup.  shadow to the crease. Using this brush, the shade should be mixed evenly from the lash line to the brow bone. 

- Eye shadow should be applied with a soft pencil brush near the lash line. It should be used in a small place like inner corner. - Eye shadow should not be rubbed with a brush, but should be applied gently and shed while patting.

- Mascara eye shadow should be applied after applying. 

- Mascara Shield should be applied under the eyes to not make the foundation or powder bad. Tissue paper can also be used.

Watch this tutorial 

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Best hairstyles for girls 2019, Top 10 New hairstyles, How to style hairs,

Best hairstyles for girls 2019, Top 10 New hairstyles, How to style hairs, Label Ashish Kumar

Best hairstyles for girls 2019, Top 10 New hairstyles, How to style hairs, Whenever there is talk of beauty of any girl, there is definitely a mention of her best hairstyles. And when you go to a salon or a parlor to get them styled or cut, then it is not enough to know just how long or short hair you want. Before taking any hair cut or styling, you must also take care of your face shape.

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By doing this your hairstyle will definitely look good on you. The reason for this is that you will never want that if your four head is too wide, then it will look even more wide or your round face will become more round. Highlighting your best features is the secret to looking beautiful . So here are which hairstyles  will look good on your face and how you can make your own hairstyle on your own. So first of all you should know how your face shape is and what hairstyles will look good on it

Choose hair style according to face - Hairstyles For Different Face Shape 

Oval Face Shape - Hairstyle for Oval Face Shape

Best hairstyles for girls 2019, Top 10 New hairstyles, How to style hairs, Label Ashish Kumar

This is an ideal face that we call perfect face. Any hairstyle on such face can be done as per your choice. Your face is meant to be experimented. So if you are thinking of getting an AG crop hair cut, then feel free to try. You can carry any style like layers, bangs, blunts in long or short cuts. Apart from this, Pony can also adopt curls for hair styling.

Round Face Shape Hairstyle for Round Face Shape

Best hairstyles for girls 2019, Top 10 New hairstyles, How to style hairs, Label Ashish Kumar

The length and width of such a face is the same and the area on the sides of the ears and cheeks is quite broad, so to make the face look long and thin, you need a low volume hair cut. In soft layers, the hair on the face is severed from the cut shoulder. Apart from this, blow drawers can also be used in inward curls. You can also give length to your face by making high puff on the front or you can reduce the cheekiness of your face by keeping flick on both sides of cheeks.Do not tie your hair in a tight and sleek ponytail, but leave some hair loose on the front so that it can frame your face.

Tall Face Shape - Elongated Face Shape 

Best hairstyles for girls 2019, Top 10 New hairstyles, How to style hairs, Label Ashish Kumar

This face looks like an oval face but is longer than the oval. On such a face, a hairstyle is needed which increases the width of the face and reduces the length. The French top without a low-sided bun or parting suits such a face. Apart from this, razor or feather cut is also very easy on this face.

Diamond Face Shape - Hairstyle for Diamond Face Shape 

Best hairstyles for girls 2019, Top 10 New hairstyles, How to style hairs, Label Ashish Kumar

Easy Hair style for Diamond face Shape On such a face, there is a need to add volume ... in such a way, hair can be cut in layers. This makes the hair appear thicker and the cheekbones are less visible. In addition, multiple layer cuts and disconnection cuts are also good options for such a face.

Hair Cutting Styles 

Hair Cutting Styles It is a matter of making their own choice as well as suits themselves that while some girls always keep their hair long, some girls prefer short hair on themselves. Whether you have long hair or short, it is your choice, but you must keep in mind that whatever hairstyle you have, it should be tailored to your face shape, not with the choice of hairstylist or hair cutter.

Bridal hairstyle for short hair indian, : 

Bridal hairstyle for short hair indian, must have four styles twisted updo, Hair pinned to one side, side bangs with flowers  and Bob cut. 
Indian brides mostly wears lahenga and choli in India,  so these hairstyle will look fabouls according the face shape. Choose hairstyle according to your face.

HairStyles For Party 

Best hairstyles for girls 2019, Top 10 New hairstyles, How to style hairs, Label Ashish Kumar

HairStyles For Party : Party style hair styles should be trendy and more stylish.       Nowadays most of the girls get their hair styling done in the parlor to go to the party. But if you want to do your own hairstyle for the party, then you can easily style your hair by looking in this video -

Best Hairstyles for girls 2019, Top 10 New hairstyles, How to style hairs,

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2020 Hacks and Tricks, How to style a Women's Striped button down shirt,

2020 hacks and tricks, how to style a women's striped button down shirt, label ashish kumar

2020, Hacks and Tricks, How to style a women's striped button down shirt 

2020, Hacks and Tricks, How to style a women's striped button down shirt , As we know fashion is changing to fast continuously, women's loves the shirts with diffrent colors and patterns. They always try new hacks and tricks.

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Every women want to look cool and diffrent. So they always try new things and style, How to style a button down shirt is common question among all the women's, 
They also embrace the new hacks and tricks with the time, In modern era women's love to wear cool and comfortable clothing with style statement. worldwide women's accepted , A shirt as a important and comfortable outfit in the wardrobe. 

Here some cool ideas for your question " how to style a women's striped button down shirt" . In 2020, hacks and tricks for women's shirt styling.

2020, Hacks and Tricks, How to style a women's striped button down shirt .
Women's use diffrent hacks and trick to style a button down shirt , like oneside tuck in , tie a knot , and open buttons. When we talk about oversized women's button down shirt, surely it is perfect outfit for daily wear and outing. It give a cool and stylish look. You can opt blue dark denim ( Raw or ripped according to your taste) with oversized women's button down shirt.

Here is a video which show you how to wear a oversized stripped women's button down shirt. In this video there are basically 4 cool ways to style your shirt. A live tutorial video surely help you. You can try these hacks and tricks also with solids and floral printed shirt. Explore your creativity with these tricks and try new style everyday, I hope you liked this article

So I'll suggest you to watch this complete video to learn the tricks . With these tricks you can impress your friends and colleagues.

How to wear a shirt, 4 ways to wear a shirt, Video

Enjoy this video and comment your views and suggestions

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Top 10 Latest Indian ethnic wear dresses, 2019, video, Causal and Party wear

Top 10 Latest Indian ethnic wear dresses, 2019, label Ashish Kumar

Top 10 Latest Indian ethnic wear dresses, 2019, video, Causal and Party wear, what is Indian ethnic wear? 

Here is top 10 latest indian ethnic wear dresses 2019,casual and party wear dresses,

What is indian ethnic wear?
In India fashion is changing very fast, Indian ethnic wear dresses is important category of Indian wear, as we know India is a land of culture and festival. In India from north to south and from east to west there are many states and their culture,  so Indian ethnic wear dresses are different from culture to culture.

Latest Indian ethinic wear dresses importance : as we know ethnic wear dresses are worn by people in festivals and special occasions. In India there are many great festival like Diwali, raksha bandhan, dashera, karwachuth, holi, and many more, womens wear ethnic wear dresses in this festivals.

Indian ethnic wear category for women's: In Indian ethnicwear there are basically 4 categories i.e.
  • Casual ethnic wear 
  • Semi casual ethnic wear 
  • Party wear
  • Bridal wear

Top 10 Latest Indian ethnic wear dresses, 2019, video, watch this :

In this video you can check the latest collection by labelashishkumar. 
Women's love to wear ethnic wear in festive season . Main attires are saari, Kurta Salwar, blouses, chaniya, Indian gowns, anarkalis, tops, dupattas etc.

Indian ethnic wear color for this season:
In Indian ethnic wear bright colors are important part. Colors like Red, Navy blue, yellow, musturd, green, and orange is definitely will be good choice for Indian ethnic wear.
In label Ashishkumar collection, variety of garments. A pastel blue hand embroidered top with beige skirt is the key outfit for women's and girls both.
A red rayon Kurta is perfect for casual ethnic wear outfit.
For more dress options and dress designs please check the video. Definitely you'll like the collection and it will give you an idea for Indian ethnic wear trend for this season.
All women's and girls who love indian ethnic wear should choose garments according to their culture, color and body shape. Then surely you

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Top 10 Indian wedding dresses 2019, outfits ideas, video,

Top 10 indian wedding dresses 2019, outfits ideas, video

Top 10 Indian wedding dresses 2019, outfits ideas, video

Top 10 Indian wedding dresses 2019, outfits ideas, video. India has a unique, tradition-based culture and there is nothing better than an Indian wedding. These are grand ceremonies filled with beautiful ceremonies, luxurious decorations, and joyful celebrations; As a result, Indian wedding dresses are generally quite lavish and rich to match the setting. All brides and grooms will love these inspirations and will be able to choose their look for mehndi, sagai, and shadi.


In this video, you can check the latest Indian wedding dress designs.

Here are Top 10 Indian wedding dresses 2019, outfits ideas, video
Watch this video

Traditional dress for the bride 

There are many different wedding dress styles, often varying from region to region, with each subculture having its favorite mode of clothing for this special occasion. Any Indian wedding dress, however, will be distinguished by its plush and ornate beauty and colorful designs.

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Indian bridal dresses are the most important wedding dresses and yes its also a part of bride wedding goals. These are usually the most beautiful dresses that come with elaborate embellishments, intricate embroidery, and beautiful designs. The classic color combination for an Indian bride is red and gold, but of late modern brides have been experimenting with various colors including orange, pink, blue, green and silver.

Saree makes gorgeous wedding dresses due to the elegant and beautiful dresses. When made of high-end materials like silk, they look fabulous and suitable for fancy occasions. Many brides may prefer a designer wedding dress as these are one of a kind pieces. They come with detail-heavy embroidery that is usually done with expensive materials and skilled techniques.

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